Save Jaws!

ImageMost people when they think about sharks they imagine a cold blood killer who lives in the dark waters. Well…the truth is slightly different. There are only five deaths reported from sharks globally when, cows (yes cows) and hippos, kill more people annually. So why it is important that we should protect the sharks could someone ask?! Well there are many reasons why we should try to protect the sharks. First of all, sharks as predators are near or to the top of the marine food webs, sharks have helped maintain the balance of marine life in our oceans for the past 400 million years (yes, they have been living in this planet more than we do). Extensive research in that subject shows that, the massive depletion of sharks has cascading effects throughout our oceans. So that means where sharks are eliminated, the marine ecosystem loses its balance. So why people kill millions of sharks every year…? Well they are killed for their fins for shark fin soup, a food that has assume cultural value but it is not important at all in the human survival. So a sceptical reader will say ”ok sharks are important for the environment but how that affects me?” Well sceptical reader I will explain that to you. If sharks disappear one day from our oceans then, some fish species will follow their extinction and most possibly that species of fish, will be the ones that we need to eat in order to survive. Also sharks themselves are magnificent creatures and it would be a shame to disappear from the planet. Ok, so what can I do, you would probably ask. Should I go out to the ocean and try to stop the killing of the sharks?! Well no, that wont be necessary but definitely brave from your side reader. There are every day things that someone can do to prevent that from happening. First of all (and obvious) do not consume or purchase shark. Never use any products that contain Squalene-shark liver oil (can be found on makeup,lotions and deodorants). Also have a look on the website ( There you can found out more information about what you can do to protect the sharks and if you would like, you can make donation that would help to prevent the killing of sharks but, also volunteering programs where you can actively help in the campaign. Famous people (as Leonardo DiCaprio,Yao Ming,Harrison Ford,Olesya Rulin) have already join the fight! So what are you waiting for…? Join the fight today!



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